Simple innovation scenarios

When you are trying to solve an existing problem differently you may call it innovation. Yes a bloated term but still sexy when it comes to announcing new technology products. When you want your company to bring something new on the table you should have some kind of a strategy. Scenario thinking helps. When you are doing FOSS developments or are creating cc-by publications you should be afraid of someone taking all your hard work and get the economic advantage and leaving you with a nice learning curve which you can not eat. Continue reading “Simple innovation scenarios”

IT trends for 2017

You should be very happy! You are living in a time of accelerating changes happening within the business IT industry. Businesses innovate faster using IT innovations. Faster innovation cycles are enabled by innovations in software, hardware and business science.

Without business IT innovation our world would not be what it is today. Working in the IT industry means you need continuously keep up your knowledge up to date. This report will help you and give you a head start for 2017! This report covers all important business IT innovations for 2017. All open. All FOSS! Continue reading “IT trends for 2017”

De nieuwe meldplicht datalekken: Wordt het nu ├ęcht beter?

Zeer recent is na ruim twee (!) jaar overleggen de uitbreiding op de Nederlandse Wet ‘Bescherming Persoonsgegevens’ (Wpb) een feit. Data lekken moeten nu gemeld worden. Door bedrijven en overheden. Een fantastische mijlpaal, maar wordt informatiebeveiliging vanaf heden hierdoor nu beter aangepakt? Gaat de Nederlandse overheid privacy nu eindelijk serieus nemen? Continue reading “De nieuwe meldplicht datalekken: Wordt het nu ├ęcht beter?”